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Our Promise To You

  • The Scalp Aesthetics Technique (SAT) has been specifically designed to be a safe treatment by using completely sterilized and disposable consumables.

  • Our policy at Scalp Aesthetics is not to compromise quality due to cost savings.

  • We guarantee you that during the process we only use the best equipment and the best consumables on the market to ensure your complete satisfaction.

  • At Scalp Aesthetics we only offer state of the art techniques and technology to our clients. We assure you that you will be treated by a team that has a 100% customer satisfaction record thanks to its artistic talent and dedication to satisfy the client, call for guarantee details.


Scalp Aesthetics Technique

  • The Scalp Aesthetics Technique (SAT) is carried out with only the latest state of the art equipment.

  • We use an array of sterilized single-use hand crafted micro-needles specially manufactured to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin.

  • We are able to create actual replicas of hair follicles and micro hairs.

  • Hair follicle replication is a detailed process in which each hair follicle must be consider as an individual task. The process of implanting specific pigments at the epidermal level is completed with a specialized technique to produce a natural looking hairline on the sides, front and back. This optical hair simulation will create a natural looking hair density on your head.

  • The SAT requires a high level of attention in order to consistently achieve the most outstanding results, which we consistently produce.


Traditional Head Tattoo vs. Scalp Aesthetics Technique

  • A traditional tattoo penetrates the epidermis and into the dermis where it bonds with the tissue making it dyed the color that is being used. Since they go through so many layers there is no control over whether the ink spreads or not.

  • Tattoos that are placed too deeply into the skin cause scarring.

  • This is why some tattoos are raised while others feel just like your normal skin.

  • Scarring cannot be reversed!

  • Also commercially sold tattoo ink can cause people to have allergic reactions. The most common allergies are to reds & blues.

  • The SAT uses single use hand crafted needles that are 75% smaller than commercially sold tattoo needles and are manufactured to penetrate the dermal layer of the skin.

  • The technician is trained to control the implantation of the pigments during your scalp pigmentation so there is no spreading of the ink.

  • You will have the results of replicated hair follicles.

  • Since the SAT only goes through the dermal layer of the skin you will not feel raised bumps like those of a traditional tattoo.

  • Our ink that is used is also specially designed with organic pigments so the chance of an allergic reaction is slim.


What To Expect After Scalp Pigmentation Treatment

  • Our clients that have received the hair follicle replication have not experienced any kind of side effects, although some clients can feel temporary discomfort during the treatment.

  • After the treatment, the skin may be slightly red. This will fade in just a few days.

  • The new hairline may have a more defined appearance immediately after the dermal pigmentation treatment due to the fact that it can take up to a week for the hair line to cure.

  • View before and after shots!



  • This is an example of how our impressions match the exact shape, color and size of the native follicle.

  • This procedure isn’t totally done so you can see the difference in the bald area compared to what we’ve created with our impressions.

  • Notice how we blend our replications into the hair, leaving no line and totally unnoticeable and totally natural.

  • The length that the particular client leaves their hair depends on personal preference. We have some clients who shave it with a razor, and others who leave some growth. If we are creating a totally new hairline and are not working in some hair at all, the shorty approach leaves a more natural outcome.

  • As seen in the picture, the clients skin will get red for the first 8-16 hours, then redness will subside and you will have instant results

Advanced Scalp Pigmentation

Mastered Technique for Amazing Results

This page will better assist us on pinpointing who you are and how we can help.  At Scalp Aesthetics, we have worked with people from all walks of life and all age groups with problems from alopecia to very bad hair transplants, to young guys looking to get their hairlines back. Feel free to look through these categories of people you might think you fall into (or maybe between two of them), then give us a call at 





Thinning Hair

You have a good amount of hair but it is “see through” and you need density. When you wet your head it looks completely transparent and thin.  With our scalp pigmentation procedure we can remove the “see through” look by laying down pigment which gives a denser more fuller look to your hair.  We can do this procedure with your hair being the length it is but recommend shaving it so we can be sure to add great density in the spots you need it.  Our scalp pigmentation procedure will be perfect for you because we can match your hair color perfectly and not just “come close”. It will look very authentic and we guarantee you will be happy with your new thicker looking hair. Why go under the knife for an invasive hair transplant surgery?  Our hair restoration option is better because you won’t have a scar on the back of your head and you won’t pay tons of money. There is absolutely no down time and you walk out of our office ready to go to work the next day.

Give us a call at 720-477-8171 and feel free to ask us more questions or setup your procedure.




MPB/ Male Pattern Baldness

So  you have no problem with the front of your hair line but it gets more bald around the back of the crown.  In most cases we would let you get away with not shaving your head and we will wet your head to move the hair away to perform our procedure. These types of procedures always turn out perfect because its basically a fill. We are just giving you density.  Our scalp pigmentation procedure will be a much better choice than going through surgery. We think every person should have our procedure with your type of balding because you are in and out in one day and look 15 years younger. We will match the color perfectly as well.

Give us a call at 720-477-8171 and feel free to ask us more questions or setup your procedure.




Hair Transplant/ Density Build

We see so many guys like you and you are one of the reasons why we started this company in the first place. Either you have had a painful transplant that has killed you emotionally and left you with a bad scar or you have had the transplant and it still looks thin- we perform on guys like you everyday with amazing results. We are the masters at camouflaging scars and making them blend with your natural hair. Depending on which person you are we will either perform a fill under the thinning hair or perform micro points throughout your scalp redefining your hairline and blending into your natural hairline. This is one of the procedures that we would like to have a full phone conversation about to get an idea of what your goal is.

Give us a call anytime at 720-477-8171 so we can go over what we need to do!




Alopecia/ Cancer Patient

You had a full head of hair with no problem then it sprung on you!  Alopecia hair loss set in and took over and with a few months you lost all of your hair. We know how traumatic this is and we know the perfect alopecia solutions to get you back.  The best part about our company is price when it comes to clients like you.  We have a flat rate for anyone so you won’t be ripped off for the amount of coverage we have to do.  We have worked on cancer survivors that have had so many radiation treatments, who have permanently lost their hair.  We will give you that authentic shaven look by blending in and creating new hairlines to give you a seamless look.  It will usually run about 3 days if you have total loss and we have topical anesthetic for the painful areas usually along the sides of the head.  Call us and lets get a game plan going to keep that hat off, we know how important this is to you and we want to be the answer. Call 720-477-8171 and lets talk and setup a procedure date!

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